Shoulder-Widening Workouts Trained at the Best Gyms in Kolkata

Wide shoulder is a reflection of your chic personality. Nowadays, the craze for a muscular and wide shoulder is common among the men of every age in Kolkata and other cities. Are you one of the health-conscious people among the fitness freaks? If yes, then better try to hit any multi gym in Kolkata nearby your home to widen the muscles of your shoulder, biceps, and triceps.

You cannot change the bones structure of the shoulder and arms because that structure is naturally determined by genetics and shape. However, if you try to exercise hard and practice exercise regularly then you can get wide and attractive shoulders by changing your old body shape. But you need to know the correct exercises that are trained by professional fitness instructors.

5 Exercises to get Wide Shoulders

You need to focus on the deltoids or the muscle fibers such as Anterior deltoid – the front portion of the shoulder; Middle Deltoid – the middle portion and Posterior deltoid – the rear end. Some smart workouts done in the fitness centers provide you the exact functionalities to make your shoulder masculine, sloping, rounded and wide at the same time.

Would you like to know the names and steps of the exercise? There are the best gym in Kolkata where the certified instructors will provide you smart tips to make wide shoulders. Take a look at some shoulder-widening workouts as follows:

Face Pulls

This exercise increases the dynamism of the body and the strength of the shoulders. Moreover, Face Pull develops the elasticity and flexibility of biceps and triceps.


• Arrange a rope and set the attachment with its height to the upper chest just slightly higher.
• Now, hold the rope tightly with its both ends.
• Step backward and overhand the rope as much as possible.
• After that, sit back on your hips while pulling the cable rope hardly.
• Help your elbows flaring out the parallel and side to the floor.
• Gradually, pull the cable rope just towards your facial part.
• While holding this hardly, engage and focus your upper-back and deltoids.
• Now return to the normal position in a very slow manner.
• Repeat about 2-3 sets for 10-15 repetitions.

Seated Dumbbell Press

For a good masculine structure, both light-weight and heavy-weight dumbbells are the real best friends. However, the old styles of lifting dumbbell may not give you effective results soon.

So, why don’t you try practising new dumbbell exercises in the best gym in Kolkata? Workout on Seated-Dumbbell is a good exercise for strengthening the muscles of your shoulder and arms. Moreover, it provides you wide shoulders and muscles on the biceps, said by the expert professionals.


• Hold dumbbells in both the hands.
• Sit on a long bench by supporting your back.
• Place your feet on the floor, and try to keep the hip-width apart.
• Now, bend both your elbows.
• Rise the upper arm portion of your body towards the shoulder height.
• Check whether the dumbbells are at the ear level or not.
• Pull the abdomen part of your body with a small gap between the bench and your back.
• Now, plant the back part of your head just against the pad.
• Push the dumbbells up until the rear part of the dumbbell is touched to your head.
• Now, lower both the dumbbells just back to each ear level.

Side Laterals

This is one of the best exercises to boost elasticity in your body and build the muscles of your shoulder. The trainers of any gym near you will suggest a beginner start the exercise slowly by lifting light-weight, otherwise, there is a chance of injury or damage to your body parts.


• Hold the dumbbell of your own choice; it can be both heavy and light.
• Now, raise the dumbbells up, just parallel to your shoulders.
• Rise up and again bring down the dumbbells.
• Try two to three sets with 5-10 repetitions for better result.

Note: Never practice it too much from the first day when you are starting the exercise because there can be the chance of stretch marks to your shoulders and arms, especially for girls.

Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Along with the shoulders, this exercise will really help you cut fat from the upper portion of the body with a good chest shape.
The upper-back portion will also get a good shape if you practice Wide Grip Pull-Ups. But this is comfortable to be practiced at a good gym in Kolkata, rather than in house for better effects. Performing these steps in a fitness club will be beneficial because it will be trained by a professional in a proper way.


• Try to grasp a pull-up bar with both your hands a bit wider from the width of the shoulder apart.
• Pull the weight of your body apart and try from your chin to touch the bar.
• Try 10-15 pull-ups.
• You can take a break between each step if needed.
Note: Every gym near you have the pull-up machine that helps you lifting the weight, and some machines measure the counters of the body weight.

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

The Standing Barbell Shoulder press increases the body stability, strengthen your shoulders and also the core part. These workouts are done by the front, back, up down, right and left parts of the body. Moreover, this exercise also gives a good shape to the upper muscles, traps, abdomen, and triceps with stabilization.


• Hold a heavy or light bar and move the bar towards the front part by giving pressure to your shoulders.
• Now, raise the chest portion of your body towards the ceiling and arch towards the upper back.
• Start taking deep breathes and press the line in a ventricle way.
• Start taking deep breathes while holding the bar and pressing it towards up and down or front.
• Always be close to the bar whenever you are pressing it.
• Release after doing 10 steps.
Boost your energy and enhance your persona by getting a masculine physique with wide shoulders. Your target will really get fulfilled if you get training at a best multi gym in Kolkata and follow a proper diet.

The trained nutritionist and health coaches of Starmark Fitness Studio will help you maintain your diet and practice afore-said workouts to build a masculine structure and wide body. If you want to know about the tips, diet plan and the exercises then you can call at 9831130003 or (033) 40011213. Even you can directly reach to the fitness center at 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building if you want to start the journey of health building with Starmark.

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